A description of things to consider in making a movie

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A description of things to consider in making a movie

Instead, the director must keep a keen eye on the overall vision and make sure that it is being realized to the fullest extent at every moment.

The director would then go into problem solving mode: Generally, around the ten-minute mark there will be a moment that drives the protagonist toward the story that will dominate the remainder of the film.

Around the thirty-minute mark, there is usually a major turning point — the moment in which there is no going back for the protagonist — that signals the beginning of the second act where the majority of the film will take place.

Is it a romantic scene?

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From there, then take a look at how the lighting and the way in which the scene is shot emphasizes that tone or the story. At its basic level, editing is the actual cuts — back in the days of film it was literally physical cuts in the film — that exist in the film, both within scenes and from scene to scene.

An example in a film might be a scene in which a protagonist reveals something to another character.


The editor might begin the scene from further away and slowly cut to closer and closer shots as the protagonist reveals his secret. In many ways, watching for editing relies very much on keeping in tune with your physical experience watching a film.

A scene like the one outlined above might slowly change the way a scene feels to you, but the opposite is also true.

A description of things to consider in making a movie

A hard cut might make you feel a slight jolt or the combination of two shots following one another may result in an experience different than either shot by itself. Acting Beyond the script, the actors might be the most important piece of the film puzzle.

Just like a great script can produce great performances from mediocre actors, great actors have the ability to push a mediocre script to new heights. What is his or her character development? From there, you might start to think about whether the actor achieved these goals successfully and why or why not.

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As a viewer, do you completely believe the existence of a character no matter how normal or insane that character is? Production Design Another unsung hero of film production, the production designer or art director is the person tasked with building up the world where the characters exist.

This can mean choosing a color palette to stick with throughout the film or choosing locations that best reflect the tone of the film. A director can employ music, sound effects, or even the lack of sound altogether to produce an effect on the viewer. As soon as the American soldiers arrive at Omaha Beach, Spielberg follows them as they dive off the boat and underwater, with the sounds becoming muted and distant to reflect the physical sensation of going underwater.

Spielberg also uses subjective sound to emphasize dramatic moments.But when making a movie, aside from making an awesome movie, safety should be your number one concern. You Film Production Checklist In the following film production checklist, I broke the filmmaking process into 65 steps.

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There has long been elegance and prestige associated with a fine watch made with precious metals and jewels. After going through the ordeal of development hell, pre-production is veritable bliss: you start to select key crew members and the preparatory stage of the movie-making process begins in earnest.

A description of things to consider in making a movie
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