Another earth essay contest

We can ride in the car, or walk along the street and see nothing, but the truth is we pass some harrowing things. We could go and help those people in need, but we tend to ignore it. We lack the empathy towards people who need it the most, and community service can help solve this problem.

Another earth essay contest

In Michigan, ice is at best cubed and at worst a dangerous addition to the roads. In Antarctica, ice is beautiful. And ice makes you feel small.

Another earth essay contest

Our Zodiac stayed far enough away from the iceberg that we could see its entire foot length, cracked, towering, and shot through with rich blue like a sapphire crown.

It dwarfed the humpback whale swimming in front of it. Silence pressed in from the frozen landscape. Except the whale, everything seemed poised to never move again. As we floated, a smaller iceberg nearby flipped without warning.

A crack and rumble from the distance told us a glacier had calved. Even for ice suspended in freezing saltwater or crawling by millimeters for thousands of years, shifts occur in a second. Global change occurs in every field.

Every day we hear globalization, economic changes, new technologies, and wars and natural disasters rearranging lives. Antarctica, however, impressed on me that the global changes dominating our news overlie fundamental shifts in the planet's natural systems — systems so integrated into our lives that we ignore them out of habit.

Even as climate change and other environmental challenges gain more international recognition, more immediate economic and security changes tend to command the attention of individuals and leaders alike.

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Ignoring environmental concerns is easy, comforting, and dangerous. Antarctica's existence as a preserve for peaceful international science, wilderness protection, and tourism offers a unique representation of the values of global society.

Another earth essay contest up a conservationist and an outdoorswoman, I knew that wilderness depends on people valuing the principles of cooperation and aesthetics, and I found true wonder in the natural world. Antarctica reflects those principles and provides that wonder on a scale unlike any other place I have been.

This makes the systemic changes silently occurring in our largest natural laboratory concerning collectively and personally.

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Collectively, it shows that our impact on the planet's systems extend to the places we made it our goal to protect. Personally, it makes me recognize the emotional strength needed to build a career in environmental protection.

Students of ecology, oceanography, natural resource management, and any other field directly connected to the earth face the real prospect of spending their working lives studying the degradation of the systems and creatures they love.

Watching the seeming permanence of the crown iceberg while witnesses proof of shifting ice touched on a familiar conflict in my mind. How can I subsume the genuine fear and sadness that comes from seeing the natural world's fragility to my academic drive to understand it?

What will it mean if I build a career around lessening human impact on the environment but cannot stop drastic changes to the places I love? And how could Antarctica help me reconcile those conflicting thoughts?

Part of the answer came from studying the history of Antarctica itself. The professors who led the program study geology and paleontology — both sciences that, to put it mildly, take the long view of life.

With Professor Gottfried, we learned to spy evidence of the tectonic shifting and folding that produced the Antarctic landscape.

With Professor Fordyce, we traced the fossil record of the penguins we saw everywhere back to their towering ancestors of tens of millions of years ago. That mindset taught me to recognize the dynamic forces that have always influences natural systems and that will continue their influence in tandem with the actions of humans.

We have the responsibility to be good stewards of the planet, but we will never be the sole driving force of life. Taking a long view of natural systems today runs the risk of obscuring the real impacts that humans have on the earth. Understating the threats of rapid extinctions, deforestation, pollution, and countless others increases our vulnerability and heightens my anxiety.

Yet in Antarctica taught me to balance the long and short views. Every day on the boat, we practiced feeling awe at the natural spectacles around us while speaking frankly about their changes. We photographed glaciers while hearing facts about their speed of recession.

We laughed at penguins stealing pebbles from each other's nests while learning how much the colony had shrunk. There was an open recognition between all passengers and crew members of a collective joy in knowing our surrounding had a place on Earth, collective understanding of their impermanence, and collective sadness at their loss.

I saw that beauty and wonder still exist in changed systems and will exist into the future.

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Frankly addressing the overlapping facts and feelings gives more comfort and produced more drive to action than panicking at their contradictions. Another part of the answer came from meeting Herbert Koenig.

Our study abroad group shared an expedition ship with roughly 50 other tourists from around the world. Most were retired couples, some were families.Apr 05,  · Holocaust essay contest – middle school winner.

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The annual Spokane Community Observance of the Holocaust Essay and Art Contests has announced its . Sep 16,  · Step 2: Take one of those qualities and try to think of a time–it doesn’t have to be earth-shaking and probably only lasted about 5 minutes or so–when that quality was challenged, or formed, or tested, proven, or affected/changed.

Jul 27,  · In another sense, Earth 2 is right up there in the sky: so close that a corporation sponsors an essay contest, and the winner gets to be the first person to visit it. I confess that the essay contest was harder for me to believe than the second Earth itself/5.

Another earth essay contest

An Earth Day essay contest For the past 26 years, the Rockland County Environmental Management Council (EMC) has sponsored the Eleanor Burlingham Fifth-Grade Earth Day Essay Contest. Chosen each year from about entries, winners are awarded a certificate of excellence and an EMC pin by the County Executive in a June ceremony.

Jul 27,  · In another sense, Earth 2 is right up there in the sky: so close that a corporation sponsors an essay contest, and the winner gets to be the first person to visit it. I confess that the essay contest was harder for me to believe than the second Earth itself/5. Jul 05,  · Another Earth () HD Movie Clip The planet she saw is a mirror planet of Earth, and an essay contest is held where the winner can ride a space shuttle to visit it.

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