Apple control mechanism

Design[ edit ] Original Apple Remote The original Apple Remote was designed with six buttons and made of white plastic. Its shape and layout resembled the first-generation iPod Shuffle. A separate Menu button was positioned below. All of the buttons became black and embossed within aluminum.

Apple control mechanism

See Also Overview Controls implement elements such as buttons and sliders, which your app might use to facilitate navigation, gather user input, or manipulate content.

Controls use the Target-Action mechanism to report user interactions to your app. The UIControl class is a subclassing point that you extend to implement custom controls. You can also subclass existing control classes to extend or modify their behaviors.

Apple control mechanism

For example, you might override the methods of this class to track touch events yourself or to determine when the state of the control changes. Controls can be in one of several states, which are defined by the UIControl.

For example, you might disable a control to prevent the user from interacting with it. User interactions can also change the state of a control.

The Target-Action Mechanism Controls use the target-action mechanism to report interesting events happening to your code.

The target-action mechanism simplifies the code that you write to use controls in your app. Instead of writing code to track touch events, you write action methods to respond to control-specific events.

For example, you might write an action method that responds to changes in the value of a slider. The control handles all the work of tracking incoming touch events and determining when to call your methods.

Apple control mechanism

When adding an action method to a control, you specify both the action method and an object that defines that method to the add action: You can also configure the target and action of a control in Interface Builder.

The target object can be any object, but it is typically the view controller whose root view contains the control. If you specify nil for the target object, the control searches the responder chain for an object that defines the specified action method. The signature of an action method takes one of three forms, which are listed in Listing 1.

The sender parameter corresponds to the control that calls the action method, and the event parameter corresponds to the UIEvent object that triggered the control-related event. UIEvent Action methods are called when the user interacts with the control in specific ways.

Event type defines the types of user interactions that a control can report and those interactions mostly correlate to specific touch events within the control.

When configuring a control, you must specify which events trigger the calling of your method. For a button control, you might use the touch.The Apple Remote is a remote control device released in or after October by Apple Inc.

for use with a number of its products which use infrared capabilities. The device was originally designed to interact with the Front Row media program on the iSight iMac G5 and is compatible with some later desktop and portable Macintosh computers.

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The incredibly thin and light MacBook features new seventh-generation processors, faster SSD storage and up to 10 hours of battery life. Within each of these control types, control mechanisms exist that define the type of control used. Feed-forward Feed-forward is the control mechanism that establishes guidelines for future events and is proactive rather than reactive.

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