Comparing finance motivation with non finance motivation

The results show that both types of bonuses have a significant impact on all measured outcomes. Initially, monetary rewards have had a greater effect on the results, but longer term the two types of bonuses had a corresponding impact except in regard to the turnover. It seems that research examining the use of bonuses as motivators lacking at present.

Comparing finance motivation with non finance motivation

I am strongly convinced that the master degree from Goethe University will help leverage my career towards my ambition: I was determined to choose the university because of the joint program with Goethe University and my finance interest.

Through my research, Goethe has one of the best finance programs in Europe and it also locates in Frankfurt, the financial center of continental Europe.

Comparing finance motivation with non finance motivation

It is therefore extremely beneficial for my career in the financial industry. I went on with the program and became highly impressed with how outstanding the program was structured and delivered, especially the teaching standard from the flying faculty of Goethe professors.

The professors were not only experienced but they were also sociable and dedicated, which made the lectures enjoyable experiences for me. I had a distinct pleasure of studying under professor Binder, Hassler, etc. Thanks to my pleasure for the program, and additionally my good analytical and quantitative skills as well as organized and discipline characteristics, I became one of the best students in VGU, got awarded with a year of study at Goethe and a DAAD scholarship.

Upon coming to Frankfurt, I quickly became impressed with the comprehensive study programs, the dynamic environment and great career opportunities.

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I thus believe a master degree in Money and Finance would be a solid foundation for my career path. The greatest feature I like about Goethe is the study program. Despite being recognized as a Goethe student, I also have a status as an exchange student.

I am thus given a unique opportunity to participate in the master courses, and I have nothing short of impression. I thoroughly enjoy the intensive but well-structured and thought-provoking knowledge, as well as the practical application with real world problems, delivered in an international atmosphere.

All of which have strongly motivated me to strive for the MMF program. I personally enjoyed the course Hedge Funds and Alternative Investments by professor Pelizzon the most. The course benefited me substantially, as I learned how to code in Matlab — a powerful programming language - learned how to apply finance theory like CAPM, Fama-French-Carhart 4-factor model to the real world data and how to use theory to explain the result; I also had a chance to practice my leadership and teamwork skill, as I was the leader of the team of 5 people.

Most importantly, the course sparked my interest for hedge fund and helped me realize I need to invest more into education to pursue my dream. And I believe MMF is an ideal program, in which I can develop myself substantially, have a great competitive edge with a broad skillsets and knowledge of money, macroeconomics, and finance Moreover, Goethe nurtures an amazing, dynamic environment for networking and finance activities.

I have met many great students who have assisted me a lot in my study and have kindly given me advice for my career.

Alex, an MMF student who is currently an intern for Merrill Lynch, shared with me his pleasure for the program and great finance career opportunity after graduation from the program. I am also pleased with many finance events coordinated by Dr. Complementing my strong academic background — expected GPA of 1.

I possess a solid knowledge of finance, which was consolidated through my internship at an equity research house in Frankfurt: Dr Kalliwoda Research GmbH. I also have experiences in leadership and teamwork, which were accumulated through my study and project, as well as when I was a vice president of an environmental club in Vietnam.

Furthermore, I have a great control of computer skills, knowing Matlab and R in addition to Microsoft office. All in all, I am strongly convinced that I am one of the most suitable student for your program.

I am sure to exceed your expectations, enrich the program with my international background, and contribute with my ambitious and enthusiasm nature.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration. I am looking forward to joining in your program. Jun 27 Motivation and Empowerment Paper Compare motivation and empowerment According to the reading motivation is the intensity of a person’s desire to engage in some activity.

The motivation process is said to consist of six steps which are said to get one motivated, they are: an unsatisfied need, tension, drive, search behavior, satisfied need. A Proposed Conceptual Framework for Rewards and Motivation among understand how intrinsic rewards as compare with extrinsic rewards are perceived as The fact that an individual is working in a non-profit organization is indicative of a set of values in which extrinsic rewards are not the first consideration (Weisbrod, ; Preston.

the junior staff is rarely promoted and the junior staff prefers financial incentives than non financial incentives. Motivation, as a process, started with a need in human being which creates a vacuum in a person.

Effect of Motivation on Employee Productivity: A Study of Manufacturing Companies in . The basic aim of this paper is to identify /investigate financial and non financial rewards that affect the motivation of employees in organizations. com interdisciplinary journal of contemporary research in business comparing the impact of financial and non-financial rewards towards organizational motivation. This article analyses (1) how financial incentives (salary top-ups) and non-financial incentives (housing and education) affect nurses’ willingness to work in remote areas of Tanzania and (2) how the magnitude of the incentives needed to attract health workers varies with the nurses’ geographic origin and their intrinsic motivation.

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