Dillon control groups

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Dillon control groups

Dillon Gun Bolts offer several important advances over the General Electric gun bolts. Firing pins found in GE bolts have blunt tips. Blunt tips can puncture the primer of a cartridge during the firing sequence.

When this happens a portion of the hot gas is vented passed the firing pin and through the bolt.

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This has two effects. The first is to cause the firing pin to compress the firing pin spring rearward against the firing pin retention pin. If this happens enough times the firing pin spring will lose temper, which leads to light firing pin strikes on primers.

The more the firing pin tip is damaged the more likely it is to puncture larger holes in the primer. At a certain point enough gas is vented into the bolt body that the bolt head retention pin may actually be sheared into three pieces, leading to catastrophic bolt failure.


To solve these and other problems, Dillon patented and entirely redesigned the gun bolt for use in the Dillon MD. The firing pin tip is rounded, not blunt, to avoid primer puncture.

In firing tests totaling well over one million rounds, Dillon bolts did not puncture a single primer. Because of this, Dillon springs last fifteen times as long as GE springs. Other improvements include dual, opposed guidance tangs that drive the bolt head into and out of the locked position.

This is compared to the single tang GE bolt head which was susceptible to cracking. Also, bolt searing is simpler and more reliable.

Dillon control groups

GE bolts have a boss on the rear end of the firing pin that engages a track in the gun rotor. With Dillon bolts the sear is contained within the bolt head and is triggered by bolt compression.

Dillon control groups

This feature makes rotor design less complex and less expensive.The dogs were evenly divided into three groups, meaning that there was 8 dogs in each group. There was an escape group, no-escape group, and a no-harness control group. The dogs in the escape and no-escape groups were placed in their own harnesses and restrained, but not unable to move.

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The HIPERTOUCH 24 3 Gun, or 24 3G is similar to the 24C, but with a curved trigger bow instead of the straight bow and adjustable pad, for installation in AR15 and AR10 type rifles HIPERTOUCH Fire-Control Groups have uniquely solved two problems with stock AR triggers and trigger upgrades respectively: 1) High Trigger Weight and 2) Low Hammer Fall Energy.

Dillon Control Groups. Dillon Control Groups Executive Summary Dillon Controls created AquaWatch System, which is computer hardware and software that monitors and controls pressurized water flows.

AquaWatch generated 70% of its sales from Ontario and Quebec, but the company was considering opening a branch in Vancouver to simplify its sales on. Clients. At Dillon, we focus our energies on five client groups: governments, industry, resources, real-estate and international.

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