Extra credit projects

Extra points are awarded on a case-by-case basis. Contact Professor Craig Padawer at

Extra credit projects

You can only complete one extra credit assignment per grading period. Some are much easier than others.

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For each experiment, you will need to: Make sure you take pictures of yourself while you are completing the assignment. Do some research to explain the science behind the experiment.

Your research needs to be typed in paragraph form and must include the resources for where you received your information. You must use reliable sources as your references, and make sure you put the information in your own words.

Your paragraph should be no less than 7 sentences. Answer the questions under the "Make it an Experiment" section of the directions.

Extra credit projects

This assignment will be worth ten extra credit points. For example, my 7th grade students study the cell. You could create and label a cell out of any desired material. You will have to present the model to the class when completed.

Feel free to run your model idea by me before you start making it. For each model, you will need to: Also, the more concepts you can explain using your model, the more points you will earn. For example, the model above would receive 7 extra credit points, but if you can explain the function of all the organelles during your presentation, you would receive 10 points.

This may require a little research to find a famous scientist for that topic. For your essay, you will need to: Type a 5 paragraph essay about your scientist and his contributions to science.

Your paragraphs should contain at least 5 sentences each, that includes the introduction and conclusion. Contain the following information: Have a bibliography for your resources at least 3 as your last page 5.

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3 Ways to Get Extra Credit - wikiHow This means if you have a 79 in Science in your 4th nine weeks, you will have an This means a lot to some students.

Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates.Extra Credit Project. You may do none, one, or both of these projects.


Project One – Poster. This extra credit project is worth up to 2% added to your overall grade. If you want to do this project you MUST follow the guidelines below.

Any deviation will result in a loss of points. and quizzes and complete an extra-credit project, she will have to repeat sixth grade. Abby doesn’t like doing her schoolwork.

Extra credit projects

She would rather be outside, exploring the woods and building a tree house instead of solving math problems and reading books. Project Extra Credit Assignments Movie Reviews. Watch any movie about a historical event or person.

Movies about current events are also acceptable. Sep 11,  · In a high school class, your teacher may tell you about projects you can do for extra credit at the beginning of the school year. Make notes about those projects, and ask your teacher for more information if you feel like she didn't provide enough details%(22).

Extra Credit Projects in Grand Rapids has produced a poster encouraging people to look back and reflect, ten years after the 9/11 attacks. The World Trade Center twin towers, absent from the skyline of New York, are still seen reflected in the water. I’ve been busy setting up a new website (coming soon!), and a new workshop space for myself.

Organization is good, isn’t it? And, it turns out, I’ve got more tools than I remember, especially screwdrivers time for some easy DIY Screwdriver Storage.

9/11 Reflection - The Inspiration Room