Green crime the crime against environment

Hey chief, stop looking for the silver bullet I recently had the pleasure of watching a good friend talk to a room full of police leaders about evidence-based policing. Even though the presentation was thoughtful and succinct, listening to their comments and questions afterwards, it was clear that a few chiefs were still searching for the mythical silver bullet.

Green crime the crime against environment

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Now we live in a house we built in a rural area, on a dead end road with no close neighbors. When we first moved to Iloilo City we lived in an unusually secure private compound in Iloilo City. We could leave our doors open if we want to. We have ridden jeepneys everywhere. I have literally walked more than a thousand of miles on the streets of Iloilo City and lonely rural paths in the country.

I have never had the slightest problem. No one has robbed me or threatened me or tried to pick my pocket or done anything but treat me with respect and kindness.

The worst crime we have been a victim of is being overcharged for shrimp in the public market. Many expats have similar experiences. Americans from LA or Baltimore or Miami might not see much difference.

A critique of experience

For small-town Americans, the Philippines can be quite different. Enthusiasm for their new life in the Philippines, thinking that the situation Philippines is the same as life in the US can prevent foreigners from taking common sense precautions to provide for their own safety in the Philippine context.

There are quite a few, considering how few foreigners there are in the Philippines. Here are a few observations which might be of help to anticipate problems. Most violence against foreigners is not perpetrated out of desperation by the poor Filipino whose family needs food or medicine.

Perhaps we are projecting on to Filipinos our own perceptions of what we would do in such circumstances.

Green crime the crime against environment

Most provincial Filipinos would never commit such acts. The operative influences are greed, sex, booze and shabu methamphetamine — not helping a sick or hungry family member. Most of these murders been been committed by people the victim knew or people associated with these people, not by a strangers breaking into their house.

By far, the most common perpetrators are: Ex-employees are another possibility. They are let in, either knowingly by the foreigner or by one of the other parties mentioned, or they take advantage of security vulnerabilities they have observed or learned of.

The foreigner is killed because he resists or because the robber is known to him and he does not want to be caught. I have read of many of foreigners murdered in this way.

Except for Mindanao, kidnappers generally target rich Chinese-Filipinos Chinoys. Generally, they pay ransom without going to the police. The police have been reported to be involved in such kidnappings. Some foreign businessmen and aid workers have been kidnapped, usually Japanese.

Remember, the vast majority of retirees are pensioners who live on modest retirement pensions — not good kidnap ransom targets. Kidnapping a rich Chinoy businessman really boils down to negotiations over the size of the ransom.

Kidnapping a foreigner invites complications. If you do have a lot of money, keep it in a foreign bank. Information about your bank balances in your Philippine bank are not necessarily secure.Why we should love him even more: In a recent short video posted on “Earthlings” Facebook page, the Oscar winning director says, “The point I’m trying to make is, we care about the oceans.

Green Criminology: Crime, Justice, and the Environment and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. Learn more Enter your mobile number or email address below and we'll send you a link to download the free Kindle App/5(3). Also known as environmental crime and is simply a crime that is against the environment, linked to globalisation examples include atmosopheric pollution and accidents in .

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) today launched a major awareness-raising campaign against trafficking in counterfeit goods, which it said is a major revenue source for organised crime worldwide: $ billion per year. The Australian and New Zealand Society of Evidence Based Policing recently retweeted a graphic from an old blog of mine, so this seems a good time to update and explain it a chart above is adapted from various sources and emphasizes quantitative studies and randomized trials.

DOWNLOAD MY FREE '25 TIPS TO FIGHT CANCER' Have you ever stopped to think if conventional cancer treatment is a crime against humanity? Here's what Dr. Raymond Chang, M.D., an internationally respected pioneer in alternative medicine, had to say: 'While scientists win occasional skirmishes in the battle against cancer, the overall war continues to go badly.

Green crime the crime against environment
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