Guardian write a book in 30 days worksheets

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Guardian write a book in 30 days worksheets

Share via Email Illustration: Jess Wilson Character sketches, like most aspects of outlining, are a process of brainstorming. When you flesh out character sketches for your story, write down everything that comes to you, no matter how trivial.

Remember to give all your main characters internal and external conflicts.

guardian write a book in 30 days worksheets

This will bring your characters to life. When you first start using this outline system, you may find that you prefer to write your character sketches free form, rather than using a worksheet. Physical descriptions This section includes any — or all — of the following: It can also include any other characteristics you deem important to the character or the book.

You may wish to attach certain mannerisms to some of your characters to make them unique. Personality traits This is the section where you detail what kind of person your character is. Be as detailed as you can because your outline and story will be stronger for it.

Personality traits

Creating a solid background for each main character will help you fill out your entire outline in detail. A main character's backstory might include information on the character's parents, siblings, relatives, friends, pets, life-shaping events and their long-term effects. Did this character have a happy childhood?

Where did the character grow up? What goals does this character have? Internal conflicts All characters must have depth, and this usually comes from internal and external conflict. Internal conflict, or emotional turmoil, is usually handled with a summary or narrative as a character reflects on his actions, judgments and perceived mistakes.

A solid, well-developed internal conflict makes characters more realistic and complex. Readers usually only root for the characters they care about. For example, what educational requirements were necessary? What is this character's financial picture?

Don't worry about researching occupations at this point — we'll get into researching specific occupations later. Miscellaneous notes You may want to further expand on the character by brainstorming on anything else that fleshes out the main characters in your mind.

You'll be referring back to your character sketches often — adding new details and changing old ones whenever you feel the need — so be sure you keep them handy and leave yourself extra room.

Don't worry about depth or organisation right now.

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guardian write a book in 30 days worksheets

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