How to write a division remainder as a fraction

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How to write a division remainder as a fraction

Remainders can be useful if you need to know how much is left over when you divide something, but they might not be very useful in every situation.

Kids Math: Division Basics

For example, what if you wanted to divide a 9-foot-long board into 4 equal pieces? That problem could look like this: There will be one foot left over. What if you don't want to waste any wood? In that case, you can continue to divide until there is no longer a remainder.

That way, you'd have four equal pieces of wood, with none left over. That problem would look like this: You can tell, because it includes a symbol called a decimal point. The number to the left of the decimal point, 2, is the whole number.

The rest of the answer. Click through the slideshow below to learn how to find the decimal answer to a division problem. Let's say we have 62 treats to divide equally among 4 dogs. Let's find out how many treats each dog should get.

As always, we'll begin with the left digit under the division bracket. That means we'll start with the We'll use the times table. We'll look at the 4's column.

Since 6 is the number we are dividing, we need to find the number that is closest to 6. Remember, it can't be any larger than 6. Next, we'll find the row 4 is located in. It's the 1's row. That means 4 goes into 6 one time. We'll write 1 above the 6. Next, we'll multiply the 1 and 4.

Remember, whenever you multiply a number by 1, that number always stays the same. We'll write 4 below the 6.

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The next step is to subtract.Remainder is the amount left over after division when one divisor does not divide the dividend exactly. More about Remainder 4 is the quotient, and the left over, i.e. 1, is the remainder. Video Examples: The Remainder Theorem.

Solved Example on Remainder Ques: Divide and write the answer with a remainder 76 รท 9. Choices: A. 7 r 4 B. 8 r 4. When your quotient has a remainder, you might be asked to write it with a fraction.

Instead of just writing how many parts are left over, like we did with '14, remainder 2,' we have to figure out what fraction of a whole group is left over.

We've already seen that a fraction like 2/9 can be interpreted as 2 divided by 9. Let me do the 2 in the same color. That if we have a fraction, it could be interpreted as the numerator divided by . Lesson Converting Rational Numbers to Decimals Using Long Division Date: 4/8/14 Can we find the decimal form of by writing it as an equivalent fraction with only factors of When a remainder repeats, the division algorithm takes on a cyclic pattern causing a repeating decimal.


how to write a division remainder as a fraction

Division of Algebraic Expressions. Later, on this page. Dividing by a Fraction ; We can write this as a fraction: `/13` Now, to divide this, (assuming we do not have a calculator) we could proceed as follows.

23 divided by 13 = 1 with remainder We . We can write a division equation to find the answer to problems like this. Our unknown number is the length of shoreline in Alaska. Let x represent this number.

We know that x divided by 2 is the approximate length of shoreline in the lower 48 states. We can write the equation like this.

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