Jolibee expanding strategy

Over the past years, JFC has been involved in numerous social projects such as feeding malnourished children in partnership with Kabisig ng Kalahi; getting children to read and love books with Sa Aklat Sisikat; promoting values to children and the youth with DepEd; and sharing blessings through the annual Christmas toy and book drive, Maaga ang Pasko.

Jolibee expanding strategy

With the success in the home country, the company then expanded its operations into other countries under the leadership of Tony Kitchner.

When Noli Tingzon joined the company, it was at a critical point, where it began to revisit its strategies to expand its international operations and explore new markets.

Jolibee expanding strategy

Tell us what you need to Jolibee expanding strategy done now! The taste of their burger appealed to the local people. Jollibee entered the fast food business in When McDonald entered the Philippine market inJollibee already had a brand name for itself. This gave the first mover advantage over McDonalds.

MacDonald with its money power moved very quickly. They build volume on the reputation they had earned before McDonalds entered their market. One more advantage Jollibee had in the Philippine market was that they were the local company. The people could associate themselves with the company. Jolibee expanding strategy was emphasized in when the political climate in the country became instable.

Jollibee continued to expand where as McDonald slowed down its investment in this market. The subsequent rise in the nationalism and local pride helped Jollibee secure a dominant position in the Philippine market.

International Expansion under Tony Kitchner When Tony Kitchner joined the company as the first head of the international division, Jollibee already had a few failed attempts to entry into international markets.

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Kitchner was very efficient in creating the international division and implementing his strategy. He was instrumental in getting partners with good market connection for Jollibee. This was one of the major problems for Jollibee in its initial shot at international expansion.

Although the segment was very small, its success allowed the company to generate momentum for further expansion in the market. By targeting the niche market, Kitchner was trying to take advantage of the brand recognition in the home market. Kitchner wanted to create big organization under his leadership.

In the haste to entry the markets quickly, Kitchner did not study the market thoroughly before entering it.

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Planting the flag did have competitive first mover advantage like the company found out in its local market. However, there is a need to study the market before entering it. The unprofitable venture in the Middle East could have been avoided has research been done prior to entering.

Jolibee expanding strategy

Also, Kitchner neglected the high cost of establishing market in new countries. While Kitchner created the new division to higher international standard there was a growing distance between the local and the international division.

The local team were looked down up on by the member in the international division. This did affect the day operational efficiency of the company. Kitchner could have taken some step to curb the growing distance between the two divisions.

However, the country is not big enough to support 20 stores which the company thinks is critical mass for a new country. The profits being offered by the partner is uncertain and understandably low, the company would be better off staying away from this market.

The fourth store in Hong Kong can give Jollibee the brand awareness to expand its operations in the country.

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This could be useful in attracting better partners. However given that the current stores were unable to attract Chinese customers as well as employees, the success of a fourth store is highly unlikely. It would be better for Jollibee to concentrate on improving the operations of the current store than opening a new one at this juncture.The case gives an idea about how the competition influenced Jollibee’s strategy, both domestic and international - Jollibee Corporation Case Study introduction.

Jollibee,which was a Filipino chain of restaurants, was forced to change their strategy with the entry of McDonalds in Philippines, which later transformed the company into a global company.


The Multidomestic strategy often involves having very different lines of products. so the four grid model is used for evaluation in the sense that Jollibee is correctly placed in the vertical axis of the model. the transnational strategy is applied by large firms such as car manufacturers.

The PowerPoint PPT presentation: "Jollibee Food Corp" is the property of its rightful owner. Do you have PowerPoint slides to share? If so, share your PPT presentation slides online with Jollibee is a Filipino multinational chain of fast food restaurants owned by Jollibee Foods Corporation (JFC). As of April , JFC had a total of about 1, Jollibee outlets worldwide. As of April , JFC had a total of about 1, Jollibee outlets worldwide. Jollibee charts expansion strategy. Posted on June 27, JOLLIBEE FOODS Corp. has identified the Philippines, China and the United States as its main markets for expansion as the homegrown fast food giant eyes to sustain a double-digit growth in income and sales.

Jollibee is expanding into the markets where the 5/5(1). Jollibee International Expansion JOLIBEE CASE ANALYSIS Summary Jollibee, a fast food chain, based in Philippines was able to obtain a competitive advantage in its local market by keeping tight control over the operations and catering to the taste and appetite of the local people.

A case study analysis, recommendations and solutions of the given questions from Jollibee Food Corporation on Global Expansion strategies.

Executive Summary: J. May 18,  · Jollibee doesn’t have the big name to generate the high level of trust, and to choose franchisers in the partner countries Go in for BLUE OCEAN strategy- expand in places where there is an unmet need, which isn’t being met by any of the existing vendors, hence there is little or no competition.

Jollibee had grown quickly having a total of stores worldwide by the end of year Jollibee ventured into overseas expansion attempts since but .

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