Litpop writing and popular music

Stephanie studied English literature and History as an undergraduate at Central Michigan University in the United States where she also above the first words of this biography will appear on the courses that you teach. This industry experience has been invaluable in the classroom in demonstrating how complex theoretical concepts are relevant to understanding broadcasting approaches, the developments of popular music culture, and the roles music and news have played in media broadcasting history.

Litpop writing and popular music

Studies In Creative Arts and Writing: These events helped the Sage in particular to diversify its programme and audiences.

Underpinning research Dr Adam Hansen Senior Lecturer, present is a Shakespearean scholar with a longstanding interest in Shakespeare's representation of places and the phenomenon of social mobility in early modern England.

He has always been interested in the low-born characters, the rogues and beggars, in Shakespeare's plays, rather than the rulers and courtiers.

This fascination with distinctions of rank and value has recently extended into a different type of research project, combining Hansen's academic expertise on Shakespeare with his passion for popular music.

When it came out inShakespeare and Popular Music attracted wide interest from academic journals and the music press. The book explores the adoption of Shakespeare's words and themes in popular music, asking: Hansen's research involved gathering responses from both producers and consumers of popular music about how they understood the connections between Shakespeare and popular music.

Even consumers of popular music linked to Shakespeare queried the existence of any such connection, while musicians, though more ready to accept the benefits of using Shakespeare's work, still doubted any natural fit between what they did and what he did.

What Hansen deduced as underlying this resistance were a set of preconceptions about the relative value of high and low culture. Shakespeare and Popular Music tries to confront these preconceptions, questioning whether the value-based separation of literature and popular music is possible or defensible.

References to the research Hansen A. Available from Northumbria University on request. Texts and ContextsPower A.

Rachel Carroll (Author of Adaptation in Contemporary Culture)

Output listed in REF2. It was set up with the intention of raising appreciation amongst a non-academic audience of the findings emerging from Hansen's monograph. In particular, participants were encouraged to jettison their preconceptions and to consider afresh the distinction and barriers between different forms of culture.

litpop writing and popular music

All these events have created an opportunity for him to engage audiences with the ideas at the heart of his study on Shakespeare and Popular Music: His research has impacted upon readers, writers and musicians in the North East of England in these two ways: The Litpop bookclub benefited its host institutions' engagements with their audiences, while also improving public understanding of the links between literature and popular music, and high culture and popular culture.

The Litpop bookclub was never intended to be a standard reading group. Established at The Sage Gateshead, one of the premier musical venues in the UK, and appealing to an audience with musical tastes as much as bookish ones, it attempted to bring the worlds of literature and music together.

Sessions featured music playlists brought in and heard by participants and often followed participants' recommendations for books.

Dr Richard Elliott

The books also needed to have musical references or themes, ensuring that the relation between music and writing was constantly stressed.

The sessions were participant-led, but discussion was framed and underpinned by Hansen's work on the relations between writing and popular music. The bookclub has been of particular benefit to The Sage Gateshead in terms of diversifying its programme of events: This has helped the Sage meet its strategic objectives.

The bookclub has had beneficial impacts for participants, in terms of fostering new appreciation of the links between writing and popular music and of the complex relation between elite and popular culture.

One comment summed up much of the feedback: The Litpop workshop, performance and public talks helped musicians and writers to generate new forms of creative expression, in doing so enriching the imaginations and lives of individuals and groups The Litpop workshop at the Star and Shadow Cinema brought together a small group of local musicians and writers in order to share their practice.

The event was designed as an experiment in music speaking to writing.Western popular culture "Gharbzadegi" is the title of a political song by British avant-garde musician Robert Wyatt, which appears on Old Rottenhat (Rough Trade, ) and can also be heard on the tribute LP Soupsongs Live: The Music of Robert Wyatt.

litpop writing and popular music

LitPop: Writing and Popular Music. Friday 24th June , Northumbria University, Newcastle upon Tyne.

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LitPop is the literary and cultural studies blog of the English Department at Purdue University Northwest. We publish accessible, engaging, web-native writing that explores literature and culture.

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Firing the Canons: Desegregating the Academic Study of Popular Music (Writing & Popular Music Conference (LITPOP), Northumbria University, ).

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