Marsden community stores case study

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Marsden community stores case study

Marsden Community Stores Case Introduction The case study pertaining to Marsden Community Store needs to be evaluated through the perspective of operational and supply chain management.

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Furthermore, the case also presents critical evaluations on how Marsden community Stores transferred the valuable operational concepts. Marsden Store is a grocery chain with outlets located in the major towns and cities in England with an average size of sq feet. Niche Strategy, where price, location, convenience, and an adequate product range were seen as major criteria to maintain customer loyalty.

Marsden community stores case study

This case illustrates that using a wide range of stakeholders to judge performance means that managers have to cope with the conflicting pressures of maximizing profitability on the one hand, with the expectation of they will manage in the interests of all or part of society in general.

Stakeholders The primary stakeholders of Marsden Community Stores are the suppliers, customers and internal management of the store. Each stakeholder is important to the performance and success of the company Leseurepp.

However, there are certain differences between the interests of these stakeholders, especially between customers and suppliers.

Suppliers The management in Marsden Community Stores has been planning to rationalize and reduce the number of suppliers in order to lean their product range.

Irrespective of the advantages or disadvantages of this objective, the suppliers seem to be in favour of this initiative by the company.

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The suppliers have their own interests in the industry as competition has increased profitability has decreased. Therefore, the suppliers like brewers support the range and supplier rationalization.

This will allow them to gain greater economies of scale than before, and marginalize their competition Franklinpp. Another interest of the suppliers pertains to the contribution of supermarkets in aggregate sales.

As a result, it creates balanced opportunities for both suppliers and supermarkets like Marsden. Customers Customers have their own interests. It is essential for Marsden to know about what customers like and what they prefer to have in their stores.

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Even, though, Marsden wants to rationalize their suppliers and lean their product range, it conflicts with what customers want to have. Much of the interests of the company developed from the notion of competition and reducing costs, especially that of supply chain, to tackle with price competition.

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Case Study: Marsden B is a natural choice for weighing animal feed More and more of Marsden’s veterinary scales are finding their way into zoos and wildlife parks - and, recently, our bench scales have become popular for weighing animal feed.

Latest breaking news, including politics, crime and celebrity. Find stories, updates and expert opinion. Marsden Community Stores - Case Study Question 1Evaluate the validity of the pilot research undertaken by example was the supply chain orientation of the research sufficiently rigorous?

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