Master thesis in econometrics

Enquire Advance your ability to analyse data and interpret results. This program will build your skills in applying mathematical and statistical methods to economic data, so you can inform decision-making, predict change, and provide quantitative insight into economic relationships.

Master thesis in econometrics

You may either chose one of the topics provided by the chair see website or you may apply with your own suggestion for a topic. The application procedure is made up of two steps.

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It should include the following information: We will contact you after your submission to set up an appointment to discuss your topic choice with you. Afterwards, you can officially register your thesis.

Please do not register an empirical thesis before you have a complete dataset! You now have 4 months to complete your thesis. We strongly recommend that you set up a timeline for your thesis from the registration up to the submission of your thesis.

By checking your work plan, you can make sure that you are always on time.

master thesis in econometrics

During the time you are working on your thesis, you will be required to informally present your thesis at a colloquium. The chair will organize a colloquium every few months, during which all current master and PhD students will present their work.

This is an opportunity for you to present your research, especially the estimation methods if your thesis is empirical, and to receive helpful comments from the audience. This presentation will NOT be graded. You are also required to attend the other presentations and to participate in the discussions following each presentation.

The next colloquium will take place on January 10th, About the Master of Science in Economics Degree Program. The Master of Science is designed to provide the foundation students need to succeed in a Ph.D.

program or jobs requiring intensive technical, analytical, and quantitative Principles of Econometrics. Question 1 With reference to the two-variable linear regression model: Population model: y_i=β_1+β_2  · Name Degree Thesis Fatih Yilmaz PhD Essays in Taxation PolicySupervisor: Dr.

Kenneth McKenzie Liang (Charles) Chen PhD Three Essays in Structural Estimation: Models of Matching and Asymmetric InformationSupervisor: Dr. Eugene Choo Yang Song /thesis-topics-recent-graduate-students.

· Applicants with an undergraduate degree from the French system (BAC+3) If you only have an undergraduate degree from the French system, you will be required to complete 15 credits (5 courses) in a short MSc preparation May 30,  · What are some interesting masters thesis topics in economics without applying econometrics?

Update Cancel. ad by What are some interesting masters thesis topics in economics using quantitative methods for a developing country?

What are some interesting topics for a Master Thesis in the field of Master of Science in. The Best Master Thesis in Economics [ Année universitaire | Année universitaire | Année universitaire ] Année universitaire Does training pay?

Estimating the wage returns to vocational training in France.

Tufts University, Department of Economics: Graduates