Research paper on flavonoids

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Research paper on flavonoids

Consciousness and the Pineal Gland The pineal gland has always held an elevated status in the records of most ancient cultures. Each family of glands in the endocrine system secrete hormones that stimulate certain aspects of bodily function: The pineal gland secretes hormones that modulate the state of consciousness.

Research paper on flavonoids

Melatonin functions on a daily basis, METAtonin is rarely, if ever, produced. Melatonin is easy to detect in the blood; METAtonin is not, for there is a scavenger in the blood that readily destroys it. Recently,several scientific discoveries have verified this suspicion.

Rodents and humans have a very similar cellular structure and that is why they are used for endocrine research.

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Pineal secreted METAtonin allows us to experience a dimension of human consciousness above the normal or default level of awareness. Upon birth, our self-consciousness is suddenly thrown into the physical world of the additional dimensions of space and time.

In this new dimension of consciousness, one is gifted with a toolbox of the 5 physical senses, the flow of time and the awareness of being a separate body.

As we grow, we become accustomed to the parameters of this body and also develop the instinctive bodyguard awareness of the ego. The pathway to this enhanced level of consciousness is available to all humans; it is hard-wired into our brain architecture, like a homing circuit, although it is rarely activated.

This dimension of illumination is accessed by special stimulation of the pineal gland which then formulates the secretion, METAtonin, whose main active ingredient, DMT allows one to enter this additional dimension of human consciousness or OBC, Out-of-Body Consciousness.

An event of this nature rarely occurs in the course of a lifetime - maybe only once, but when it does, it is not forgotten and in many cases it results in the development of a whole new perspective and direction in life.

The potential for internally produced DMT-based METAtonin to influence the circuitry of the brain has been an ever-present component of human existence and throughout history, the influence of its effect may have played a part in many of our greatest discoveries and epiphanies.

The pineal gland is so named due to its similarity in shape to the pinecone, a symbol that is used in many religious themes including the giant pine cone statue at the Vatican, originally from Egypt, and the pine cone at the top of the pope's staff and the cone atop Buddha's head.

Science has yet to confirm whether consciousness itself has a physical component, and though several experiments in this area have been made, none are conclusive. It is generally assumed that consciousness could not exist without the framework of the brain, but again, this has yet to be proven.

Discoveries in quantum and theoretical physics have further encouraged inquiry into the phenomenon of consciousness, for it appears to be one of the fundamental formative forces in the universe - perhaps the first, be sure to visit chapter five for further information.

Many award-winning physicists are now considering the primacy of consciousness: It has no lens, pupil or iris, but it does have a retina. In fact, the pineal gland may prove to be more like a television receiver.

The contents of this research resource are derived mainly from observed scientific phenomena as well as some well-founded speculation. We are attempting to provide the general public with the broad spectrum of information available regarding the pineal gland and its relationship with endogenous DMT.Podiatric research paper what is the content of introduction in research paper key referencing in an essay apartments thomas paine research papers janice m krueger dissertation theology biblical worldview essay theo essay about carbon taxation body language essay thesis on pearl flavonoids chocolate research paper.

Importance of results and discussion in a research paper steps for writing an essay xef (ignatieff human rights the laws of war and terrorism essay) flavonoids chocolate research paper annika raatz dissertation meaning how to begin a . Society of Nutrition and Food Science.

The Society of Nutrition and Food Science is a not-for-profit international organisation dedicated to bringing together nutrition and food scientists and to further scientific enhancement and education in the field of nutrition and food science. What's New and Beneficial About Pears.

Metatonin Research, Pineal gland secretion METAtonin

For nutritional reasons, we're often advised to consume the skins of fruits. However, it's less often that research provides strong evidence in support of this advice.

The Disease: Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) was first described as a specific degenerative neurologic disease in Since then, much has been done to understand the processes involved in the disease and into the treatment of DM.

The antibacterial activity of peppermint oil and different extracts of Mentha piperita against some Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacterial strains was evaluated in the present research work by agar well diffusion method.

It was found that the distilled concentrations of essential oil inhibited the growth of microorganisms and the results were comparable with those of antibiotic gentamycin.

Degenerative Myelopathy of German Shepherds