Solved case study on operations management with answers

It gives clear picture of the concepts when you practice it through case studies.

Solved case study on operations management with answers

We would demonstrate all the three methods.

Inequalities - GMAT Math Study Guide

Allocate the minimum of remaining balance of supply in last column and demand in last row. Let us select S1D5 route. One can also select other route S2D5 or S3D5 in case of tie.

For S1D5, available supply is and available demand is units. The lower is units.

Solved case study on operations management with answers

Hence, allocate units-through this route i. With this allocation, entire demand of route S1D5 is consumed but supply of corresponding source, S1, is still or units left.

This is marked in last column of supply. The entire demand of destination, D5, is consumed. We get the following matrix Fig. Now, we leave the consumed routes i. Next, least cost route is S1D1, with 13 per unit of shipping cost.

For this route, the demand is units and remaining supply is units. We allocate minimum of the two, i. So, now leave the destination D1 and we get the following matrix. With units allocation in route S1D5 Assignment for destination D1 and D5 consumed Now, we work on remaining matrix, which excludes first column D1 and last column D5.

Next assignment is due in the least cost route, which is route S2D4. For this route, we can allocate units which is lesser of the corresponding demand units and units. By this allocation in route S2D4, the demand of destination D4 is consumed.

So, this column is now crossed out.

Solved case study on operations management with answers

Next assignment is due in the least cost route of the remaining routes. Note that we have two potential routes:BuildFax switched to Amazon Web Services (AWS) when the previous infrastructure could no longer handle demand.

The AWS solution is a collection of products and services that delivers fast, reliable, and secure information to customers. A organization’s ability to bring to best use the individual, team and collective creativity of its people is an important differentiator. That being widely acknowledged, organizations strive for diversity: diversity in gender, age, education, culture and so forth.

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