The best mouth in the business the bass

Great fishing, beautiful scenery and lots of laughing. The camp has been in business since the s, and we are proud to continue the tradition of providing a relaxed fishing camp experience. At Diamond Key, we have the fish and scenery, but that is only part of the story.

The best mouth in the business the bass

The best mouth in the business the bass

Bass fishing is also good in harbor and canal areas in May and early June. These areas are also good places to retreat to and still catch fish when conditions get rough on the open lake. From late May through late June, fishing is great near shallow reef areas.

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Concentrate efforts around rocky structure in feet of water. However, many smaller rocky areas along Lake Erie's coast also hold bass. The best method is casting and retrieving of lures. Top lures include tube jigs, twister tails or deep diving stickbaits, spinnerbaits and crankbaits.

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Summer As Lake Erie waters warm, post-spawn smallmouths move to deeper water zones where they will hold during the summer months late June through August.

The bass bite is usually best between 20 and 40 feet of water, however bass can be found deeper. The key to successful summer smallmouth bass fishing is to locate bottom structure.

Rocky rubble, rubble piles, humps, holes, drop-offs and ledges are all areas that will hold bass. Anglers need to take a vertical approach to fishing for summer smallies. Productive lures include jigging spoons, blade baits and spoonbill jerkbaits; however tube jigs, soft plastics and live bait are angler favorites.

Soft plastics such as grubs, worms, baitfish imitations and other creature baits work best when combined with a drop-shot rig. Live bait combined with a drop-shot rig is another popular method. Minnows and crayfish are top live bait offerings, but nightcrawlers and leeches will also work. The drop shot rig has become very popular among Erie bass anglers as an effective way to fish bait just off the bottom.

The drop shot rig can be used to fish with live bait, soft plastics and even tube jigs hooked through the nose of tube. The length of line between hook and weight can vary from 1 to 5 feet.

Cast the rig or simply let it drop over the side of the boat. Reel in the slack line so you can directly feel the weight on the bottom and any strike on your bait.

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To give your bait action, slowly lift and drop your rod tip in a jigging motion. Fall During autumn, smallmouth are found in the same locations and are caught by the same methods as described above for the summer period.

In fact, sometimes the fall smallmouth fishing quality exceeds the summertime experience. However, autumn weather is often increasingly uncooperative and anglers are advised to pay particular attention to the forecast when planning their trip.Grab all the best Bass Pro Shops codes and deals now!

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The best mouth in the business the bass

on onieda lake up in new york i fish for smallmouth with 35 pound flourocarbon flipping and in pittsburgh on the three rivers i sometimes cant get away with anything heavier than 6 pound mono.

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