The teamster union has had a

Few undecided voters are left.

The teamster union has had a

The tentative agreement provides annual wage increases for full-time and part-time workers and for the first time in many years contains increases in the part-time start rates, a key issue for hundreds of thousands of our members and future members.

Protects strong health care and pension benefits.

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UPS Teamsters will continue to receive their health insurance without paying premiums. UPS is required to make up the difference in the event Central States reduces benefits so that members who were covered by that Fund receive the full pension they earned.

Addresses harassment and excessive overtime. Stronger grievance enforcement for harassment with a sitting arbitrator and monetary penalties, and a new procedure making it easier to get on or off the overtime 9. The agreement requires UPS to create 5, new full-time jobs during the agreement, including a minimum of 2, sleeper team jobs by taking work off the railroad, and a new combination driver classification that addresses the changes brought on through the e-commerce revolution.

The tentative five-year UPS Freight contract addresses numerous major issues, including subcontracting, wage increases, pension increases, seniority, bidding, penalty pay, increased paid leave for casuals and more.

Early next month, members will receive voting information.

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The votes will be by secret ballot as it always has been, but this time members will vote via the Internet or phone. The votes will be conducted through the BallotPoint Election Services voting system. In the packet being mailed in early September, members will find the agreements and a summary of the highlights including questions and answers.

But instead of a paper ballot, members will find an individual access code and simple instructions on how to use the access code to vote by telephone or Internet.

The teamster union has had a

BallotPoint is an election services provider which has specialized in electronic balloting and polling since The company has conducted nearly 4, union elections with nearly 2 million votes cast, and have never had an election compromised. In other words, no one will know how you voted!

The Teamsters Union has used BallotPoint extensively over the past three years to conduct contract ratifications, including the recent ABF Freight election. All of the ratifications were conducted without incident or challenges.

How the Reform Movement Has Changed the Teamsters Union (TDU History 1976-1979)

For more information on BallotPoint, visit their website here. Click here for a PDF of this update. Please try again or contact 1.While TDU generally had more experience with contracts and union elections, PROD had more experience in litigation and lobbying.

Both groups had a base among Teamster members throughout the country. In late , PROD and TDU members approved a merger of the two groups. Teamsters Disaster Relief Fund.

Teamsters Need Your Assistance Now! Your union brothers and sisters need your help now! Thousands of your fellow Teamsters in Puerto Rico, Texas, Florida and Northern California have been affected by the devastation caused by hurricanes and wildfires.

– The Teamsters Union has won a $1 million settlement on behalf of YRC Freight’s road drivers. The collective bargaining agreement with YRC Freight limits the amount of over-the-road freight that can be put on trains or hauled by non-bargaining unit personnel.

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT) is a labor union in the United States and in by the merger of The Team Drivers International Union and The Teamsters National Union, the union now represents a diverse membership of blue-collar and professional workers in both the public and private union had .

Union leaders had allowed organized crime to infiltrate the highest levels of the union. The mob was raiding members’ pension funds to build casinos in Las Vegas. Teamster officials were taking payoffs from employers and selling out the members.

The Teamsters union, founded in , had 75, members in As a result of Hoffa's work with other union leaders to consolidate local union trucker groups into regional sections, and then into a national body — work that Hoffa ultimately completed over a period of two decades — membership grew to , members by

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