Tupac shakur is still alive in the hearts of many

Student Answers thewanderlust Student What a great question! I definitely think that poetry is still relevant today.

Tupac shakur is still alive in the hearts of many

Share Without a doubt, black-velvet painting lives up to its reputation as the pinnacle of tackiness. But when velvet collectors Caren Anderson and Carl Baldwin look at these pieces, they see something else.

Something about it just grabs people by the short hairs. A tiger burns bright in a s velvet by Pogetto. But the tacky, flashy, and downright ugly paintings have stayed with the popular imagination—because, according to folklore scholar Eric A.

Eliason, we need them to. In his book Black Velvet ArtEliason suggests that velvet paintings play an important role in Western culture as the anti-art, a fixed concept that people distance themselves from to prove they have good taste. This snobbery shows the ugly side of the fine-art world and upper middle-class aspirational sensibilities.

InAnderson visited Baldwin in Tucson, Arizona, where he owned a house. It was one of those creepy velvet paintings; his eyes would follow you all around the store.

The painting of the woman was 29 bucks and Kennedy was a hundred, so we just went for the lady. We walked out feeling like a million bucks. During the 20th century craze, Jesus was still the No. You know how it is in collecting: We do get a little more selective.

Of course, part of the fun of this challenge is playfully and gently poking a finger in the eye of my discipline for having overlooked this art form for so many years.

But the thing that makes black velvet better to work with is that you have the negative space and the shadows already there. Their taste was not that sophisticated when it came to art, so they went for the naked ladies. The 13th-century merchant traveler Marco Polo recalled seeing painted velvet portraits of Hindu deities like Vishnu and Ganesh in India.

This practice was particularly popular with Russian Orthodox priests in the Caucasus Mountains.

Tupac shakur is still alive in the hearts of many

In the s, Spanish conquistadors brought velvet to the Philippines and Mexico, where peasants in Jalisco created the custom of painting on velvet skirts and party dresses, which modern-day Mexican painters often cite as the roots of their tradition.

This paint-by-numbers-type activity involved using stenciled patterns and brushes to paint pleasant things likes still lifes, flowers, and pretty landscapes onto velveteen, a cotton velvet imitation.

An Edgar Leeteg painting of a Tahitian child. Courtesy of Brigham Young University Art Department Collection But what we think of as the modern tradition of velvet painting started with a scoundrel named Edgar Leeteg.

A sign painter who was hit hard by the Depression, Leeteg went looking for work in Honolulu, Hawaii, and then Tahiti in the s.

Tupac shakur is still alive in the hearts of many

On a quest for canvas, he ended up buying velveteen because a local store wanted to get rid of it. Remembering the religious velvet paintings he saw in St. Louis as a child, he worked to master this challenging material, which would cause thick paint to clump and later crack. He painted flowers, landscapes, and children, but mostly the topless Polynesian beauties he bedded regularly and openly fetishized as noble savages with an Eden-esque innocence of their own sex appeal.

In the early days, he was often low on cash, so he would trade his paintings for sandwiches and booze. Sailors and servicemen from the United States, who no doubt enjoyed his images as an escape from Western prudishness, would buy them for a few dollars. But Leeteg was actually brilliant with the medium: He figured out how to paint thin layers with a nearly dry brush, keeping the hairs of the velvet separate.

Using this layering technique, he was able to limit himself to seven colors, plus white, in oil paint. Despite his talent at creating lush landscapes and lifelike portraits, Leeteg was shunned by museums and art critics.

Already, velvet was considered a tacky medium, and painting on velvet automatically precluded an artist from being taken seriously by the fine-art world, which enraged Leeteg. A moonlit scene of a man and his canoe by Edgar Leeteg.

He often repeated himself and copied others. But Leeteg had his champions. After he left, fellow passenger, Bob Brooks, the owner of the 7 Seas tiki nightclub in Hollywood, came into the store and bought all the Leetegs.

He commissioned Leeteg to send him 10 paintings a year, and Leeteg fulfilled this agreement until his death in Get an answer for 'Does poetry still have relevance in society today?Does poetry still have relevance in society today?' and find homework help for other Poetry questions at eNotes.

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Tupac Shakur had a lot to live for—his devoted fans, his fiancée, Kidada Jones, and a dream to help children from backgrounds like his own.

1 The Beatles The Beatles were an English rock band formed in Liverpool in The members consisted of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. They were soon known as the foremost and most influential act of rock era. The Rose That Grew From Concrete is a compelling collection of poetry. Tupac Shakur appreciated the sound and rhythm of words and the powerful affect they could have on people. Bishop Charles H. Ellis III, pastor of Detroit’s Greater Grace Temple and the person who led funeral services for Aretha Franklin yesterday, apologized to singer Ariana Grande for physical contact he made with her at the event, as well as for making fun of her name. Ariana had been invited to perform at the funeral services by Aretha Franklin’s family.

And yet, he still belonged to a violent world. Joseph Fama was sentenced to 32 years to life in prison for the murder of Yusuf Hawkins, a year-old African American youth who was shot to death on August 23, , in Bensonhurst, New York City.

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