Two faces beyond the future

While the strength of American unions has undeniably declined in the last decades, the decision in Janus could be the final nail in their collective coffin.

Two faces beyond the future

By this time, he was dropped in favor of more "kid friendly" villains, though he did appear in a issue World's Finest Comicsin which Batman declared him to be the criminal he most fears. Some inspiration was also derived from the Pulp magazine character the Black Bat whose origin story included having acid splashed on his face.

Two faces beyond the future

It was also established, in Batman: Year Onethat pre-accident Harvey Dent was one of Batman's earliest allies. He had clear ties to both Batman and Commissioner Gordonmaking him an unsettling and personal foe for both men.

A mobster throws acid in his face during a trial, scarring half his face. Driven insane by his reflection, he renames himself Two-Face and goes on a crime spree, deciding with a flip of his lucky coin whether to break the law or perform acts of charity.

Batman and Robin eventually capture him, and he is rehabilitated thanks to plastic surgery. Post-Crisis[ edit ] The Post-Crisis version of Harvey Dent is depicted as having had an unhappy childhood; his mentally ill father, Harry, beats him regularly, often deciding whether or not to brutalize his son based on a flip of his lucky coin.

The abuse instills in Dent his lifelong struggle with free will and his eventual inability to make choices on his own, relying on the coin to make all of his decisions.

Dent is diagnosed with bipolar disorder and paranoid schizophrenia at a young age, but manages to hide his illnesses and, thanks to an unyielding work ethic, rises up through the ranks of Gotham City's district attorney's office until, at age 26, he becomes the youngest DA in the city's history.

Dent forges an alliance with police captain James Gordon and Batman to rid Gotham of organized crime. Mob boss Carmine Falcone bribes corrupt Assistant District Attorney Vernon Fields to provide his lieutenant Sal Maroniwhom Dent is trying for murder, with sulfuric acid ; Maroni throws the acid in Dent's face during a cross-examinationhorribly scarring the left side of Dent's face.

Dent escapes from hospital and reinvents himself as the gangster Two-Face. He scars one side of his father's coin, and uses it to decide whether to commit a crime.

Dark Victory story arc, the serial killer Hangman targets various cops who assisted in Harvey Dent's rise to the D. Two-Face gathers Gotham's criminals to assist in the destruction of the city's crime lords.

After a climactic struggle in the BatcaveTwo-Face is betrayed by the Jokerwho shoots at Dent, causing him to fall into a chasm, presumably to his death. Batman admits in the aftermath that, even if Two-Face has survived, Harvey is gone forever. When attempting to apprehend Two-Face, Jason briefly has the criminal at his mercy, but lets Two-Face's punishment be decided by the law.

A Serious House on Serious EarthArkham's doctors replace Dent's coin with a die and eventually a tarot deck; but rather than becoming self-reliant, Dent is now unable to make even the smallest of decisions—such as going to the bathroom.

Batman returns the coin, telling Two-Face to use it to decide whether to kill him. Batman leaves safely; but the implication made is that Two-Face chose to let Batman live. His empire is brought down by Bane employed by Lex Luthorwho destroys Two-Face's gang during his destruction of the city's Hall of Records.

Two-Face kidnaps Gordon and puts him on trial for his activities after Gotham City is declared a "No Man's Land", with Two-Face as both judge and prosecutor for Gordon's illegal alliance with him; but Gordon plays upon Two-Face's split psyche to demand Harvey Dent as his defense attorney.

Dent cross-examines Two-Face and wins an acquittal for Gordon, determining that Two-Face has effectively blackmailed Gordon by implying that he had committed murders to aid the Commissioner.

Two faces beyond the future

Montoya reaches the Dent persona in Two-Face and is kind to him. He falls in love with her, though the romance is one-sided.

She is furious, and the two fight for control of his gun until Batman intervenes, putting Two-Face back in Arkham. Two-Face - Crime and Punishment one-shot book, Two-Face captures his own father, planning to humiliate and kill him on live television for the years of abuse he suffered.

This story reveals that, despite his apparent hatred for his father, Dent still supports him, paying for an expensive home rather than allowing him to live in a slum.

Dent proves Two-Face wrong, choosing to jump off a building and commit suicide just to put a stop to his alter ego 's crime spree. Two-Face is surprised when the coin flip comes up scarred, but abides by the decision and jumps. Batman catches him, but the shock of the fall seems to at least temporarily destroy the Two-Face aspect of his psyche.

She later marries Paul Janus a reference to the Roman god of doorswho had two faces. Two-Face attempts to frame Janus as a criminal by kidnapping him and replacing him with a stand-in, whom Two-Face "disfigures" with makeup.Oct 06,  · “We’re preparing for flooding beyond anything we’ve seen,” said Kuniharu Abe, who heads up the underground site.

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