Ucor 2910 final paper

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Ucor 2910 final paper

Kinetic energy must be conserved in order to define the collision as elastic. You can use this equation for both testing IF your group determines the energy of the system is conserved in the first two cases only.

You may also want to use the equation when hypothesize why energy is not conserved for the elastic collision.

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This equation can also be used in Part II when there is no reason to expect conservation of kinetic energies since the collision will produce heat, the compression of the Velcro, and sticking of the Velcro.

Since potential energy is stored within the spring for Part III — the total energy of the system is NOT equal to the total kinetic energies — one must also include the potential energy of the spring system. We are not able today to measure the potential energy of the spring system BUT we can examine the kinetic energies and momentum equations and determine if energy is conserved.

How can we handle this inability to measure the Potential Energy? Run a few separate mass scenario experiments and solve for this value.

We know that KEi and PE f are equal to zero since the carts are initially not moving, and after the spring is sprung there is no potential energy in the system. If they are not — speak to your instructor.

Procedure All three experiments will be conducted using the dynamics track with a motion sensor at each end. Initial steps of Part I apply to all Parts. Attach the two motion sensors to the interface and open up Capstone.

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Set the sampling rate to 25 Hz. Ensure the switch on each motion sensor to the short-range setting. This will be either an image of a cart OR a small set of arcs. Before starting capturing data you want to invert the data for ONE of the motion sensors.

This way, the time over which friction has acted is minimal and therefore its effect on the conservation of momentum will be minimal. Orient the dynamics carts with the magnets toward each other.

Since the magnets are strong keep them away from the computers. Create a table in Excel like the one below for your data on elastic collisions. In all cases m1 is the incident cart and m2 is stationary or moving slowly if you wish. Generally results are better if v2 is initially at rest.

If you choose to have it moving slowly, make sure that you record its initial velocity under v2i.

Ucor 2910 final paper

Measure the mass of the cart and record it into the table. Run the trials listed in the table. Press Record, accelerate the carts towards each other, record the collision, let them separate and press Stop.

Therefore, your results will be most accurate if you avoid pushing the carts so hard that they physically hit each other.

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Use the mass of the carts and a fitted line to the velocity graphs remembering to fit ONLY right before and after collision to determine the momentum and energies for the system.Utilitarianism, Rights, Justice, Caring and Virtue theories.

The case, “Brian Weber,” found on Angel.

Discover the best homework help resource for UCOR at Seattle University. Find UCOR study guides, notes, and practice tests for SU. Modern Steel For Later. save. Related. Info. Embed. Share. Print. Search. Related titles. the bolts come pre-assembb.l our Jome,tic sources, Itke all ucor fa,tene". They're fully and you can even save money thanks (0 the quick, easy ject from design to the final reclad- . Posts about Homework assignment written by Dr. Lynn. write your name, class (UCOR ), quarter (Fall ), student ID number (or some other identification no.). On subsequent pages, write only the ID number in the header or footer. Record the final velocity of .

General directions for the Final Examination. On the cover page, write your name, class (Beth ), quarter (Fall, ), student ID number (or some other identification no.). Cover Page (Name, UCOR,04 (pick the best one.

Dec 05,  · Determine whether it was ethical for Kaiser to deny Brian Weber a position in the training program Fall Please refer to the case, “Brian Weber,” found on Angel. Determine whether it was ethical for Kaiser to deny Brian Weber a position in the training program.

Conduct Cover Page (Name, UCOR,04 (pick the best one. UCOR Final Paper. Topics: John Rawls,  Euthanasia and PAS Euthanasia and PAS In this paper, the main topic of discussion will be on how Utilitarian theory and Deontology handle the subject of euthanasia and PAS.

While both methods have the same effect, PAS (Physician-Assisted Suicide) is performed by the patient injecting a. All Albers courses require a C- or better including UCOR and MGMT Transfer credit for Albers courses requires a C or better. Students interested in declaring the Finance major should earn at least a B- in FINC abe final paper.

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