Way to overcome culture shock

Post- Travel Blues- Just a few days into being home from my 7-month jaunt in Asia, I found myself sitting on my couch intensely annoyed by the silence. It was too quiet. After living in guesthouses in some of the most populated countries in the world, my ears had learned to tune out all the extra noise.

Way to overcome culture shock

People warned me about culture shock and I just laughed. I had already traveled to a handful of countries and had lots of crazy experiences, what did I have to worry about?

Boy was I wrong. Let me just tell you now, no matter how culturally competent or how much of a world traveler you are, if you live in a foreign country you WILL go through culture shock. And of course the lows are never fun and you have to find a way to get through them.

Since the current number of U. My experiences of living, working, studying, and volunteering abroad have given me the opportunity to find different ways to help me get through the difficulties of culture shock and I want to share them with you so you can overcome culture shock before it brings you down.

As Elle Woods says in Legally Blonde: Endorphins make you happy. Every country is different and views exercise differently. Some places might not be safe to run outside but you can always do something in your room to get your heart Way to overcome culture shock up.

And sometimes exercise in public is just not common and people WILL stare. Share Your Home Culture Most people in this world are curious about different cultures.

What symptoms are associated with reverse culture shock?

Personally I have never had anyone turn down an opportunity to learn something new about America. When I am feeling a little home sick, sometimes I will offer to cook American food for some of my foreign friends.

It is usually frustrating at first because sometimes it can feel impossible to find the exact ingredients but you just have to be creative and do your best. If you are unable to cook I would suggest teaching a song or a dance. And the best part about sharing your culture is that then they might want to teach you something about theirs in return!

It will bring you that small amount of comfort you are craving when you feel home sick. People remembering you and even how you like your coffee can give you that smile you need while you are exhausted, going through culture shock and far from home. It can also help you feel like you have your own little place, a kind of home away from home.

Get out there, call a friend. At least sit in a park or some kind of public place, the change of scenery will help. But I promise it is better that sitting alone in a room and thinking about all the things that are frustrating you and the things you miss.

Laugh No one in this country can say your name right, everyone stares at you because you are foreign, you tried to order some lunch in a different language and definitely did not get what you thought you said …LAUGH!


And yes it is easier said than done but I promise you will get through so many different aspects of culture shock if you just laugh. Did you ever imagine toilet paper would frustrate you so much more like the absence of it? There is no need to let things upset you, so let out a laugh here and there.

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Never Turn Down an Opportunity Being in a foreign country can be draining and having culture shock on top of that…. You feel like your bed is calling your name! Even if what happens becomes a total train wreck, it is still worth it because at the very least you have a new story.

Having the new experiences and adventures is the best part of traveling. These six ways of getting through culture shock will not completely rid the feeling of culture shock but will help you stop feeling so blue when going through it.

I believe culture shock is a necessary part of travel. It helps you realize what is different in the world. Most of all, culture shock helps you grow as a person.

It helps you question yourself and what your society has told you to be true.International Move From Canada: 6 Ways To Overcome Reverse Culture Shock Reverse Culture Shock If you’re someone who has moved away from home for an extended period of time, either to another part of the country, or another country entirely, you may have some experience in reverse culture shock.

Way to overcome culture shock

Way To Overcome Culture Shock  Culture Shock Introductory Paragraph: Moving to different country can be an exciting, even exhilarating experience.

Even though most countries are multi-cultural today, culture shock is a real phenomenon. People in different places tend to have different languages, beliefs, . Although, meeting people from the same country may go against you embracing the new culture.

But, if you're really frustrated with this major change, then you should go ahead meeting them. These are a few ways to overcome culture shock. Choose Writer Relocations for stress-free Orientation Services. Tips from Essays on Culture which Help to Overcome Culture Shock Culture shock is the part of your own experience.

We consider it right for any writer to mention this information. Sep 25,  · How to Overcome Culture Shock. In this Article: Coping with the Changes Adapting to Your Environment Finding the Positive Community Q&A.

Culture shock is defined as experiencing confusion or anxiety when exposed to a new culture, usually without proper preparation%(3).

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