Why managerial performance appraisals are ineffective

In this article Bacal broaches this neglected topic.

Why managerial performance appraisals are ineffective

More of centralized and formal organization structure Less promotional opportunities Lack of employees participation in decision-making Excessive control over the employees by the managers Individual factors- There are various expectations which the family members, peer, superior and subordinates have from the employee.

Other individual factors causing stress among employees are inherent personality traits such as being impatient, aggressive, rigid, feeling time pressure always, etc. Similarly, the family issues, personal financial problems, sudden career changes all lead to stress.

Job concerning factors- Certain factors related to job which cause stress among employees are as follows- Monotonous nature of job Unsafe and unhealthy working conditions Lack of confidentiality Crowding Extra-organizational factors- There are certain issues outside the organization which lead to stress among employees.

Inflation, technological change, social responsibilities and rapid social changes are other extra-organizational factors causing stress. Strategies for Managing Stress Stress experienced by the employees in their job has negative impact on their health, performance and their behaviour in the organization.

Thus, stress needs to be managed effectively so as to set off these harmful consequences.

Key Factors

Effective communication can also change employee views. Managers can use better signs and symbols which are not misinterpreted by the employees.

This will reduce role stress. Grant the employees greater independence, meaningful and timely feedback, and greater responsibility. The organizational goals should be realistic, stimulating and particular.

The employees must be given feedback on how well they are heading towards these goals. Have a fair and just distribution of incentives and salary structure.

Promote job rotation and job enrichment. Create a just and safe working environment. Have effective hiring and orientation procedure. Appreciate the employees on accomplishing and over-exceeding their targets. Take regular breaks during work to relax you.

By effective time management, the employees can achieve their targets timely and can meet work pressures and, thus, avoid stress.

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Strive to achieve your goals but do not do it to the harm of family, health, or peer. Indulge in physical exercises. It helps in effective blood circulation, keeps you fit, diverts mind from work pressures. Encourage a healthy lifestyle. Take a regular sleep, have plenty of water, have healthy eating habits.

Promote relaxation techniques such as yoga, listening music and meditation. The employees should have optimistic approach about their work.The Effects of Change On The Manager.

Change and managing change are common topics among managers, management experts, and consultants, but rarely do people pay any attention to the effects of high rates of change, or difficult to manage change (like layoffs) on managers and executives.

Transformational leaders inspire, energize, and intellectually stimulate their employees. The author argues that through training, managers can learn the techniques and obtain the qualities they need to become transformational leaders. Benefits of performance appraisals, why managerial performance appraisals are ineffective?

Gender biasness i.

Why managerial performance appraisals are ineffective

e Sex equality in the workplace has been an important issue in human resource management since the mids when legislation was introduced to tackle a history of discriminatory practices, especially regarding female employees (Mike Millmore and David Biggs and Laura Morse).

> When most people consider traditional performance appraisals a time consuming and expensive task, I also believe they are ineffective in the present work culture of organizations. > I would like to hear from you, better ways to conduct appraisals effectively, successfully and quickly.

Seeks to identify why managerial appraisals frequently fail and are ineffective as a management development tool.

Proposes that, if an organization is going to rely heavily on the use of formal performance appraisals as a vehicle to foster managerial development (which many do) they had better employ an effective appraisal system.

It is the responsibility of every manager and supervisor to honestly evaluate the work performance of his/her employee at least once a year.

Performance evaluation is not only a management right; it is a management duty .

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