Writing a non research abstract about geriatric nursing

Peer reviewers approved by Dr Supriya Swarnkar Peer reviewer comments 3 Editor who approved publication: The Senior Living Lab SLL is dedicated to the care of older adults and exemplifies how nursing leadership can influence clinical practice by designing research models capable of configuring interdisciplinary partnerships with the potential of generating innovative practices and better older patient outcomes. Demographic change resulting in growing numbers of older adults requires a societal approach, uniting stakeholders in social innovation processes. The LL approach is an innovative research method that values user perceptions and participation in the cocreation of new products and services.

Writing a non research abstract about geriatric nursing

Abstract Background Elderly care practice and its management together with policy and research play a crucial role in responding to increasing challenges in institutional care for elderly people.

Successful dialogue between these is necessary.

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The purpose of this systematic literature review is to compare how institutional elderly care management research meets the care challenges currently emphasized in international long-term care policy documents. Methods This paper was based on a systematic literature review.

The articles were analyzed using theory-based content analysis by comparing the results to the framework based on analysis of international long-term care management policy documents. The research on institutional elderly care management responded somewhat to the challenges mentioned in policy documents.

However, some of the challenges were studied broadly and some were paid only minor attention. Further, only few studies focused on the core items of challenges addressed in policy documents.

Conclusions Institutional care management research needs to focus more on challenges in integrated care, productivity, ICT and division of labor. Managers, researchers and policy-makers should assume more active collaborative roles in processes of research, policymaking and policy implementation.

writing a non research abstract about geriatric nursing

Management, Leadership, Policy, Institutional care, Long-term care, Nursing home, Elderly care, Aged care, Health services for aged, Geriatric nursing Background The purpose of the review is to compare institutional elderly care management research to the care challenges currently emphasized in international long-term care policy documents.

Thus this review concentrates on the dialogue between policy, management, research and practice in the field of institutional elderly care. The task of global-level long-term care policy is to provide objectives for management and practices. Institutional care management from its part seeks to implement these objectives in practice.

The role of research is to evaluate policy objectives, management and practices. Finally practice together with management and research should provide policymakers with feedback information. Consequently all these issues are inextricably linked.

The following reasons can be evinced as the basis for this review article: Firstly it is commonly accepted that long-term care for elderly people has faced many challenges globally. Population ageing also increases the number of dependent elderly people in need of institutional care, which needs increasing financial resources.

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In addition, common attitudes toward the quality of long-term care are changing in a more demanding and client-oriented direction. The key challenge for governments internationally is to find a way to bridge the gap between expectations for better quality of care and resources made available for delivering care [ 1 ].

Secondly, public long-term care policies nationally and internationally steer the production of services for different groups of clients. An increasingly complex world of interrelated problems needs to strengthen the link between evidence, policy and practice, also in the field of public policy [ 23 ].Definition of an Abstract: An abstract is a condensed or summary version of an original work.

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